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The aim of my consulting and training courses is to provide you with new impulses for the optimum usage and enhancement of your inter-personal skills in an international context. You will achieve this goal through a clear and differentiated understanding of the various factors influencing human behaviour (personality, culture and situational context).

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Diagramm: Internationale Handlungskompetenz

In order to do business successfully abroad, you need a sound knowledge of the local economic situation as well as the legal and fiscal regulations in a given country. However, the decisive success factor is your ability to create win-win relationships for your business partners and clients.

A key factor that determines the success of international business operations, which is often neglected are the cultural influences that govern the behaviour and attitudes of our business partners. This not only alludes to the national culture but also the corporate culture and professional ethics that have socialized our business partners. In order to cooperate successfully you need to understand their business and personal interests as well as the cultural perspectives that govern your counterparts.

Cross-cultural cooperation is effective when it serves to create a new and mutual culture that enables profitable business. Apart from a willingness to discover, to create and to make use of existing diversity, this also requires a sound background knowledge as well as perceptive and managerial competencies. I would like to guide you through this learning process.

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