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Cooperating with Chinaplus you will discover the answer to question such as these

If you are working in China:

  • How do I pursue my goals persistently without clashing with the local culture?
  • How do I influence the application of agreements?
  • How do I ensure that I obtain feedback? Which rules apply to feedback?
  • How do I avoid being ripped off?
  • How do I enforce my quality guidelines?

If you are working internationally:

  • How do I appear convincing to my international business partners?
  • How do I ensure that all members of a cross-cultural team have one mutual
    understanding of a subject?
  • How do we develop a mutual team culture?
  • How important are cultural influences to the success of my project?
  • How can I make friends and also keep them, if my place of work changes constantly?

International staff working in Germany: :

  • How do I make social contacts?
  • Where do I obtain important information?
  • How can I contact my superiors?
  • What do my colleagues / my superiors expect of me?
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